Sunday, September 5, 2010

Enjoying my last weekend off

So things are finally coming together!
Last week I spoke with a couple managers from the hospital and left with good news. I am being hired back into the Calgary health region, as a casual, to work on 2 wards at the PLC, however I have some restrictions. I am not allowed to call ahead and book shifts. They are not in any position to be hiring casuals as there own staff are complaining that there are not enough shifts. So I am basically a casual/on call RN. I can get called to come into work in an hour, or up to one or two days in advance, but I cannot call ahead to book shifts. Kinda sucks as I never know when I will get work, but its better then not having any work at all!
I also spoke to another manager, of day surgery, and she said she was in the process of posting 2 PT permanent night positions. Didn't really want to have to work so many nights, but I'll take what I can get, and if its permanent, then I can get benefits, and it sounds like I have a chance at one of those positions. It just might not happen right away as they haven't even been put up on the website, and they have to be up for a week, then go through interviews, ect. But at least I can get started covering sick calls!

So, we went camping this weekend and I enjoyed every moment of it as I am sure I will be called in every weekend covering those 'sick' calls. We went on a bunch of hikes, I even dragged my mom and dad up a mountain, and the view was stunning! Sarah enjoyed the hikes as well, she is currently crashed on the couch! Laura and Dan came out for supper Saturday and they left Hercules with us for the night. I forgot what its like to have a puppy, and man is he hyper!! But he was a delight to have around and made us laugh at how clumsy they little guy is! The weather however, turned sour late afternoon Saturday, and Sunday was not much better! So we packed it all up, and came home a day early. We had a great weekend playing cards, hiking and lots of good food! (Gotta love Taber corn! Yumm Yumm!)

So now, its going to be a lot of working, paying for my car, and saving money for when I move into my place......whenever that will be :)

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