Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to work

And just like that, I'm back to work! I received some e-mails over the weekend, and they started me back
today orientating on a day shift. I have one more tomorrow, and Thursday/Friday evening
shifts, all buddy shifts. I wasn't expecting to be back THIS quickly, but I'm definitely not
complaining! It may take awhile before I see a paycheck as I don't even have an employee
number which means I can't get an ID badge, or passes into the medication room or
narcotic cupboard. But at least it gets me back onto the ward and familiar with what is new, even if I just have
to watch what the other nurse is doing. I may be able to get this weekend off as I'm not
sure if I can start on my own without my ID badge, ect, but once that gets in (early next week?), I can start!
I've also applied for a PT (5 shifts every 2 weeks) nights position on day surgery that I had
heard about. Fingers crossed that I get that which will be a huge bonus. There are many
nurses that are still on the same ward so I wasn't a total stranger as some of the nurses
remembered me. And the same goes for the other 2 wards that I will hopefully be working
I left work with a very sore foot today, its been the longest that I have been on it, which I kind of expected, lets just hope it gets better with
time. Once I get a permanent position, I will get benefits which means I can make
an appointment with my podiatrist which means I can get re-fitted with a proper
orthotic for my right foot.
I'm not overly looking forward to these early mornings working day shifts - I was up at
5:30 this morning, and really not looking forward to getting called in at 5:30 in the
morning to cover sick calls. But I just have to keep telling myself that it will only have to be for about a year
and a few months and then I will hopefully be working at the new south Calgary hospital :)

News on the other front, still waiting to sell my car. I am having difficulty getting it onto
gumtree.com.au, as well as Marketplace on facebook, so it really sucks!! But I have put
the word out on my facebook status as well as a studyabroad.com.au website which will
hopefully help too! Its just a bit frustrating, but I'm doing all I can.

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