Monday, September 27, 2010

are you ready for some football??

After going to San Fran a few years ago to see the 49ers play the patriots, I have enjoyed watching the NFL more and more. Now that I am home, not going anywhere, and don't have a permanent job, I have some flexibility to do stuff! So mom, dad and I are flying down to San Diego in December to see the Chargers take on the Kansas City Chiefs. I am super pumped about going to the game, and we even got a great deal on 'club' seats! Bring on the service, food and drinks!
It has been ages since I've been to San Diego and we are leaving on the Friday morning meaning we have friday afternoon and all day Saturday to check out the city and eat some fresh seafood.

Other then this exciting news, nothing else is new. I have been working quite a bit, even working a double, 16 hours in total, night shift last Thursday as one of the RN's did not show up for her shift. I have been applying for shifts like crazy, even applying for positions at the foothills which is a bit of hike for me to get to. However, the way I look at it, I only have just over a year till the new hospital will hopefully be open, and the sooner I can get a job, the sooner I can move into my condo!

I have been keeping myself busy, this past weekend I went and tried on Bridesmaid dresses, which was a success, and went to the baby shower of one of my good nursing friends. It is so nice to be home to be able to attend these events, and I am so excited to be a bridesmaid this winter!

I went for my first outside run this morning as well, and it went great. I clocked it this morning with my car, almost exactly 5km's around Sundance and did it in about 36min. I don't have a digital watch, so I kind of estimated, but I think I did well! The weather has been great, and it is supposed to be nice all week so I will try and get out for a run as much as I can. There is a 10km run in December that I am thinking of running, something a little bit closer then in the spring!

It is Autumn here in Calgary and the fall colors are in full force. Below are a couple photos I have taken over the past couple of days.

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