Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chinook Grand Opening Gala

I, along with my mom, got the opportunity to go to the grand opening gala night for Chinook center on Tuesday Sept 27th, and was it ever spectacular! During the whole construction of the expansion to Chinook mall, it was kept as secret as to many of the stores that were going to be opening, so we got a sneak peak at what was new!

Mom and I went early, of course, and actually got into the event before anyone was supposed it! We got into the new underground parkade, but when we went in through the main entrance, they were still setting up! There was a nice gentleman that took us up and through the new mall, and out the closed off section. We did some of our own shopping waiting for the gala to begin, and once it did, we were blown away! We all got to walk down a red carpet, which was actually the train of a model wearing a red dress, we were greeted with a glass of champagne, and of course there was food and alcohol stations set up on both the upper and lower levels! They had dueling piano's for entertainment, and of course we got into all the stores for some first chance shopping. There was 20% off at Guess, so I picked up some fancy new sun glasses - and of course a nice new case for them, and I vow to keep them in there whenever I am NOT wearing them! Let's pray I don't lose them within a month! We also got a 10% discount card for a year for Bluenotes, so I purchased some new fall sweaters. As we left, we were also given a gift bag which was full of goodies! Large bars of Godiva chocolate, Calvin Klein underwear (?? kinda strange, but they fit me so I'm not complaining!) a book on Chinook mall, a couple different gift cards or discount cards for stores such as Nine West, a free photo shoot and an 8 X 10 photo, and a 2 for 1 for Willow Park wines and spirits wine event. Some of the stores even had real models in the show cases, something I had never seen before.

If mom and I wanted, I'm sure we could have gotten very drunk at the event, however mom had to leave for Vancouver very early the next day, so we limited ourselves! Most of the new stores are more on the "high end", Guess, Coach, Nine West, and my favorite, is the new Apple store! The only other one in Calgary is way on the other end of town and I refuse to drive all the way up there, but now, it's close!

It was a kind of event that I had never been to, and was blown away at the extent that Chinook went to for the grand opening. I'll take tickets to another Gala event, Anyday!

Below are some of the photos taken that night.

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