Sunday, August 29, 2010

Testing out the trailer

We decided this past weekend to take a chance with the weather, and take the new trailer out to Paddy's Flats campground about 30km's from here.

The weather had been changing everyday so we were unsure what it was going to do, but with the new trailer that is decked out with air conditioning and a furnace, we decided to take the chance.

Mom and dad finished work early Friday and we headed out at about 1:30. We found a site we liked and set up camp. It took a while to get the trailer in place, but once it was, it didn't take long to get set up. However, I did hear a leak in one of the trailer tires, and sure enough the next day when we checked it, the tire was near flat. Awesome, take the trailer out for the first time, and we get a flat. When we got home today we found a piece of wood in the back that had a nail sticking out of it that we must have ran over when we pulled out on Friday. That piece of wood is now no longer to be found!

We went for a short walk that afternoon as the weather was alright. It was cool, but the sun was out and there was very little wind. Sarah was in her glory as there were chipmunks everywhere. She was on guard duty all weekend! We had yummy barbecued chicken, potatoes, peppers and corn on the cob for supper, and pumpkin pie for desert! I hadn't had pumpkin pie for ages - probably since before I left for Australia, and it was awesome! We played cards and sat around the fire, running away from the smoke!

We played a lot of cards over the weekend as well as crib - which I kicked ass in the first round! Saturday after breakfast we went for a nice long walk along the Elbow River. It is so beautiful along the river and we saw very few people so Sarah enjoyed walking, or should I say running, along without her leash. In fact, I think she is still recovery from the walk even today! The weather was cool but sunny, so not long into our walk, my sweatshirt came off and it was gorgeous! Once we got back from our walk, we got into changing the flat tire. Of course we didn't have the appropriate socket to remove the lug nuts, so Dad and I took a trip into Bragg creek where luckily they had a hardware store that sold what we needed. Once we got back, we grabbed a drink and changed the tire. It didn't take too long, just a pain in the ass!

We had an awesome supper Saturday, steak and shrimp! Sometimes I like camping food better then home food!! LOL I was so full from supper, we didn't even think about desert! It started showering just was we finished eating; we had the picnic table under the awning, and that is where it stayed until we left this morning. We got out the cards and tried to keep warm from what heat we could feel from the fire, and it even started hailing at one point. Once we started losing light, it got quite cold, so we moved in doors. We put the nice furnace on and we were toasty and warm while we played cards and drank! It rained on and off all night and was raining when we woke up. Not much, just drizzling, but enough that we made pancakes in the trailer and started packing up right away. No point in hanging out in the rain!

It was a great weekend and we have a list of things we need for the trailer for next weekend. It is the long weekend so we are heading out Thursday night and will come back Monday. I can't wait and there is a nice hike on the other side of the highway that we are going to tackle, weather pending!

Dad and the new trailer

Far left: Gotta love the storage!

Sarah keeping an eye on the chipmonks!

On our hike along the Elbow River

Mom watching the fire!

Me and my baby, she was keeping me warm :)

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