Thursday, August 26, 2010

I think it works!

I think my new blog url is perfect. I tried blogging when I was in the north, but never really got into, but after blogging about traveling around Australia, I think I'm hooked! And seeing as I can't change my australia url, I've decided to come up with one that will apply no matter where or what I am doing in the world! I've enjoyed blogging so much, and not only is it great for people to see what I'm up to, its a great reminder of what I've done. In fact, a friend/blogger gave me the website where I can print off my Australia blog and make it into a book. I just tested it out and it will come close to 300 pages!! I think over the next few weeks all my spare time will be going into editing my book, and when I get my first paycheck, I will be sending it away from printing!

As for what is happening with my life now, well I need a job and a car! The car is in the works and I pick it up tonight - pictures to follow later! (I can't friggin' wait!) And due to my absence from the Calgary Health Region, I have been terminated. They could not afford to keep me on their casual list if I was going to be gone for a year. SO, I have to start from the bottom, with no seniority. I have made a couple calls and of course 2 of the 3 managers I want to talk to are on holidays till Monday. I have submitted my resume within the Alberta Health Services career website and have applied for a few jobs. The worst though, is I have no seniority, so anyone within the region, will most likely get the job over me. Boo. On the positive side, I have had a wide range of experience in home care, medical and surgical over the past 3 years. Also, once I can get a job, even a casual position, it will be easier for me to move around within the region. It is frustrating, but at the same time there is nothing I can do, so I am thankful that I am able to stay with my parents until things get all worked out.
As for Rob, he is still in England trying to do the same thing!!

Mom and dad just bought a new trailer, so weather pending, I think we will head out this weekend and test it out! I might as well take advantage of it while I can as once I start work, I get the joy of working weekends.

I have also started doing more cooking, well, I guess baking. Today I tried a granola bars recipe. I get frustrated at such the limited options I have at the grocery store, and I like to stay away from as many processed foods as possible. They are cooling on the stove at the moment and they look delicious!


  1. Frustrated at the limited supplies at the grocery store in Calgary??? I would have thought it would be fabulous there!

    Will you be moving back into your place there in Calgary soon?

  2. Haha, just because they are all loaded with nuts!!!!!!
    Not moving yet, need to get a good job and save some $$$$ first, then I'll move in!