Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Warwick Castle

One of the most famous castles in the West Midlands, or maybe all of England is Warwick Castle. Originally built in 1068 and used for many different reasons, handed or taken over the many different people, and added on over the many centuries. To go into any amount of detail would take a lot of time, and frankly, if that interested, go check it out wikipedia! It was however very interesting to be there and to walk around this ancient castle. There are many areas of the castle that are undergoing restoration, however that is quite a bit that is still original. We walked through the massive and immaculate living quaters, saw how they lived 'back in the day', what they fought with, and what they would wear during wars. There is also an area that was used for torture, which we took a special extra tour of, more of a spook tour, and yes, I did get spooked.

The weather was pretty cold and dreary which kind of added to the whole experience of being there, but due to the cold weather there were some areas that were closed. We could not walk along the top which would have been pretty awesome, and a couple of the towers were closed as well. But, I guess I can't do it all! I couldn't pick out of these photos, so here they all are:

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