Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday in San Diego

Saturday was a fun filled day driving around the beautiful city of San Diego. We started by heading over to the island of Coronado, just a 10 minute drive from downtown SD. You could take a ferry over or take the huge bridge (because it is VERY high) over to the island. There are some very fancy hotels on the island and some amazing views of San Diego as well. The main navy base takes up most of this island, however what isn't Navy, is all very holiday like! Many people have holiday homes on the island, and it comes across as a very relaxing place to be, and only minutes from the city. Of course the weather was very nice which helped as well. We walked through one of the nicest hotels on the island which had a public outdoor skating rink! The ice was already melting fast were the sun was hitting it, and it was before lunch. I couldn't imagine the energy used to keep it cold! And there were a surprising amount of people skating, including some kids that were learning, and there pants were soaked from falling so much.
Next we headed La Jolla, a very nice area along the high coast line. The road follows the coast line and with it being a Saturday it was very busy. We only found parking near the end of the scenic coast line, and because of the cooler, breezier and foggy weather, we didn't drift too far. But we did stop and check out the seals. They took over a very popular beach area that is now forbidden to the public, and many of the locals are very mad about this. But, the seals were cute, and I didn't live there, so I didn't care!
We drove around the city of La Jolla, checking out the exotic car sale stores. Man there are some nice cars there! We drove to Mission Hill and stopped at one of the amusement/shopping malls just off the beach. We did a bit of shopping and then headed back to our hotel. We had a couple drinks and got ready for supper as we met a another couple that was in town for the game as well. We went into the "Gas Lamp Quarters' in downtown SD and had supper at Greystone, a bit of a high end restaurant. I'm never sure about these types of restaurants as I am usually more restricted with my allergies as they add some weird things to dishes, but overall, pretty good, and good company.
We knew Sunday was going to be a big day, so we headed back to the hotel after dinner to have a couple more drinks and hit the sack.

The Bridge!
San Diego from Coronado
Some of the crazy trees
And some of the crazy cars!
The skating rink, and yes, they are in shorts!
The cute seals
At La Jolla
Mustang :)
Mission hill beach, or was it Venice beach??
The beautiful sunset from our hotel room
And the beautiful skies of San Diego

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