Thursday, December 9, 2010

London continued

Rob's big birthday party was on the Friday, so during the day we keep it low key. We headed out to a place for a nice walk with some nice views of the West Midlands. The hike was on Kinver's Edge, and depsite being a bit chilly, it was a great opportunity to do some photography and enjoy the views of rural England. The hike was a nice 1.5km walk, and it appeared that it was also a nice place to take the dog for a walk. I think Rob and I were the only people without a 4 legged friend!
After the hike we headed into the small village of Kinver and had a drink and a bit to eat. We knew it was going to be awhile since we ate supper, so we had some English pub food, and I had a glass of wine! By the time we got home I was exhausted, and probably still jet legged, so I layed down for a bit of a nap before the party!
The party started at 7, there was a DJ, a bar and about 40 people that showed up. It was a great time and I was finally able to meet all of Rob's friends.

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