Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skiing at Sunshine

Is definitely a misdimeaner as I have quickly realized, it is never sunny at Sunshine resort just west of Banff. But despite the cloudy weather, it was still a great time skiing.

About a week ago I went skiing for the first time in about 5 years! When I was getting ready for the trip and getting all my gear ready, I realized that I had a new pair of ski boots that I don't even remember buying! No complaints though, they are new, and very nice!
The weather the first day was really crappy. It was cold, very windy, cloudy, and very bad visibility. I could hardly see the texture of the snow so I went very slowly as there was SO much snow, and lots of places with huge mounds of snow piled up. I didn't want to hit one of those going too fast, I definitely would have wiped out. I did have a bit of a tumble though on my second run, right in front of the chairlift of course, but have managed to stay up since then.
There was so much snow the first time out that on one run where you needed a bit of speed to get up a bit of a hill, with all the fresh powder building up, we where slowed down, and had to cross country ski up the rest of the hill. Fun stuff!

Yesterday we headed out for a second time (for me) and met 3 other friends at the hill. It was also a cloudy day, however a warm cloudy day! It was -13 at the Banff turn off on Highway 1 and by the time we were at the parking lot it was +2!! It was windy at the top of the mountain, but the lower runs were amazing! My friend Val and I had a great time, but unfortunately my friend Dale took a huge tumble on his second run and severely hurt his ankle, and my other friend Lisa woke up with a nasty cold and only lasted a few runs. However despite the low visibility again, we found a couple runs we liked and took in as many runs in as possible until we had to leave at the end of the day!

Here are a few of the photo's taken on those not very sunny days at Sunshine :)
(to be uploaded later, can't seem to get it to work)

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