Monday, January 3, 2011


It's a little late, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Since I had my days off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I have been working. I just finished my 9th shift in 9 days, and as you can imagine, I've been extremely exhausted!
But despite the work, Christmas was awesome! Since graduating nursing (2004) and with all my travels I have only been home for 2 Christmas's, and one I ended up working an OT shift Christmas day, evening shift. So it was extremely important that this year I be home, and as it worked out in my schedule, I already had it off! I headed over to mom's pretty early Christmas eve, day and helped out with odds and ends, but of course Mom had most of it done! We had a simple lasagna, caeser salad and garlic bread for supper and played cards for most of the evening, and of course drank! Nothing too exciting happened Friday, but it is always fun to spend time with the family, including a friend of Laura's who's family is all in BC.
Christmas Day was an even better day. Laura, Dan and Rachel came over around 9-10, and we started with breakfast. Then the present opening began! We were all very lucky and spoiled this Christmas, including the dogs! I got a couple things for my computer, a $100 for Evelyn Charles to go with Mom and Laura, a candle set and a nice wine decanter and wine airater/filter! My sister mainly got anything to do with drinking! A ton of wine accessaries, a decanter and an alcohol dispencer! Honestly, she's not an alcohol! The rest of the day was filled with drinking and playing cards, with mom taking breaks to check on the turkey. Rachel also brought the game Scattegories, which my Dad liked us playing as we were quite for the three minutes while trying to answer the questions! Dan kicked all of us and it was incredible some of the answers he would come up with!
Turkey dinner was amazing as always, and of course we munched all day and was extremely stuffed by the end of the day, but what else are the holidays for?!! We were up late-ish playing cards. We had been drinking all day and I had to work at 7 the next day, so by 1130 we finished up our card game and headed for bed.
I have an amazing family and feel so lucky to have each and every one of them in my life. It was an amazing Christmas and will cherish as many of them as possible, as I know I can't have every one of them off :)
Some of the photos from the holidays:

Sarah waiting patiently
Getting the Turkey ready
Hercules looking all cute in is Elf outfit :)
sarah not impressed with the hat!
Post opening presents
And the family picture before we stuff our faces!

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