Monday, November 1, 2010

I got a job!!

Last Thursday afternoon I received a phone call from recruiting who wanted to set up an interview ASAP for some of the positions I applied for on the new 20 bed Hospice unit opening up at the Peter Lougheed Hospital. She left me 2 messages, one on my home phone and the second on my cell phone in which she said "I am desperately trying to contact you to set up an interview.....", which seemed kind of strange to me as it was only the second message she left, and I was just out taking Sarah for a walk! She wanted me to come in for an interview that day, but I had to work evenings, so we settled for 0800 Monday morning.
I, of course, worked evening last night, and was up at 0600 this morning to make sure I had plently of time to get there. I did my best of the weekend researching common nursing interview questions and reflected on my nursing experiences over the past 6 years, as I knew I would be asked scenario questions. The interview lasted about 40 minutes, and she was very nice! She started by telling me about the Hospice unit, and that there was a days/evenings line that I was specifically being interviewed for. The interview itself went pretty well and she had positive feedback for me throughout the whole interview. At the end she said she would be back to me 'soon' and just as I was leaving I asked if I would know by the end of the week, and she replied "oh for sure". So I left with a smile on my face feeling pretty confident about the interview. After a short visit on one of the units I work on, I headed home, stopping for groceries first. When I arrived home there where 2 phone calls, and one was from the interviewer herself. I was a little confused, not thinking that she would offer me a position this soon, but I was wrong! I called her back and she said that things where happening very fast and she would like to offer me a .74 days/evening position! (.74 meaning 7 shifts in a 2 week period) My heart was racing with excitement and I had a huge smile on my face! I gladly accepted and we started talking about orientation. It made me think that I walked into the interview with the job offer practically on the table.
I start orientation on Nov 15th, and they will accommodate my orientation as I will be away from Nov 23-Dec 2 in England seeing Rob. The unit itself opens Nov 29th, and I will be provided with a couple buddy shifts on one of the hospice's here in Calgary before being thrown in on the floor. The nurse to patient ratio is, one RN for each shift, along with LPN's and NA's. The RN will over-look the whole unit, mainly focusing on the more complex and difficult cases and working with families. It is going to be a huge learning curve for me as I have never done a position like this, but I am super excited about it and can't stop thinking about it!
This also means I get benefits (YEAH! new orthotics!) as well as sick time, vacation time and a pension. I am very nervous as to who I will be working with, it sounds like they are all coming from different areas of nursing; within the acute care setting as well as the community. Another interesting fact is that the hospice unit is community based and has nothing to do with with Hospital itself, meaning no 'off-service' patients will come to us, only palliative and hospice patients. They will either be coming in from the community or the hospital, and if they do come in from the hospital, they are discharged then admitted to us, not 'transfered'. It is very exciting and as this is the first time a hospice has been in an acute care facility they are open to ideas to make the unit as comfortable as possible for the patients. I am sure there will be lots of changes and trials of new ideas as the months go on.
This also means that I will be able to move into my townhouse :)))) I will hand in my letter to my property manager this month for him to give the tenants three months notice for December 1st. Not the best time of year, however they do have three months, so the latest I will move in is March 1st, but I'm hoping for February 1st.
Things are just moving along very nicely!

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