Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lost and Found

As I pulled up to the house this morning after a doctor's appointment, I saw what looked like a Husky wondering around our yard and drinking water from the puddles in the alley. She had a collor on and a rope that had been broken, it was obvious that she was lost. I got out of my car and approached her very cautiously, and she was very friendly, licking my hand with tail wagging. I looked on her collar and found no dog tags, which was really too bad. I led her into our backyard and called animal services right away. She waited at the back door, looking in, ears perked, and tail wagging. She tried to get into the house, but I didn't let her, my allergies as bad enough as it is! So Sarah and I went outside with some fresh water and to play. She was a lot of fun, never barked, and her and Sarah got along great! She was a beautiful dog with beautiful markings and one blue eye and one brown eye. Her and Sarah sniffed each other, played, peed where the other one peed, and played some more! She was not a skinny dog and it appeared she had not been gone long, but I gave her a bit of Sarah's food anyways which she chowed down on. Animal services didn't take long, less the half an hour, and I was sad that she was going to the pound. Hopefully she is micro-chipped and they are able to find her owners soon! I took some photos of her and Sarah playing.

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