Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cirque de Solei, Kooza

I am blown away every time from this amazing show! This was only my second time going to a Cirque, but after last night, I will make sure I go to it every time it stops in Calgary.
I managed to get some last minute tickets through Ticketmaster and I took Laura who had never seen a show. We started of at the new Hudson's Tap House and just managed to get a table as the hockey game was on TV. After supper we headed down to the grounds giving us plenty of time to walk around so we weren't rushed.
All the t-shirts and paraphernalia were very expensive. They had some very nice masks ranging from $50 to nearly $500!! There were also a couple nice shirts, but they where $89! Needless to say, I didn't by any souvenirs!
Of course we were not aloud to take photos, so I have nothing to show, but it was spectacular!
Cirque also seems to amaze, and just when you think they have impressed you, they take it one step further. My favorites of the night, the contortionists who did things with their body that I didn't even think were possible, the 4 men on the tight rope - who for their last act, cycled across the rope, and the two men on the wheel of death. There were moments of gasping from the audience, and there were 2 times where men almost fell. Once on the tight rope but he managed to catch himself and pull himself back up, and the other was on the wheel of death when his skipping rope got caught on the wheel (at this point they were on the outside of the wheel!).
The one thing about this show that I didn't remember from the previous one I saw, which was ages ago, was that this show was hilarious! Between the stunts there where comedians performing acts and it was so funny at times I was almost in tears! They also got the audience involved and the people that they pulled up on stage were perfect and went along with the whole act.
What a great night it was and I can't wait for the next Cirque to make its way to Calgary!

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